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Deep Sea Mining

Study Brings New Insight on Deep Sea Vents

A new paper published by scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) is challenging scientific assumptions on the way deep sea vents...


Nautilus Minerals Commence PNG Submerged Trials

At the recent Annual General Meeting of Nautilus Minerals Inc., Chairman Russell Debney, announced to gathered shareholders in Toronto that submerged trials for their...
The team is training local Papua New Guineans to be the first operators of the equipment.

Policy Spotlight

At the Helm: An Interview with New ISA Secretary-General Michael...

Last July, the International Seabed Authority (ISA) met for its 22nd Session in Kingston, Jamaica and elected Michael W. Lodge of the United Kingdom...
"The ISA must play a role in the broader development of high seas policy because the seabed, for which there is a comprehensive legal regime in place, lies beneath the high seas."

Industry Releases


Upcoming Events

  1. 2nd JPI Oceans Conference

    2nd JPI Oceans Conference

    October 26
  2. Oceanology International China

    Oi Oceanology International China 2017

    November 1 - November 3
  3. Asia-Pacific Deep Sea Mining Summit

    3rd Annual Asia-Pacific Deep Sea Mining Summit

    November 21 - November 22
  4. WOC Sustainable Ocean Summit

    WOC Sustainable Ocean Summit

    November 29 - December 1
  5. 24th Session

    24th Session of the ISA, Part 1

    March 5, 2018 - March 23, 2018
Mining the Ocean

Oceans Deeply Talks: Mining the Ocean

IAN EVANS on OCEANS DEEPLY | 4 October 2017 "In the latest episode of Deeply Talks, Todd Woody, News Deeply’s executive editor for environment, speaks...
experimental seabed mining

Constitutional Right to Key Documents on Experimental Seabed Mining

See original release from the Deep Sea Mining Campaign   Papua New Guinea. Letters were lodged with the Ministry of Mining and Ministry of Environment and...

Miner Explores Funding Options

PNG POST-COURIER | 1 October 2017 "According to the firm’s market report released last Tuesday, the Canadian miner stated it requires a significant and additional...
Solwara One Project

Limited Benefits in Solwara One Project

PNG POST-COURIER | 1 October 2017 "The issue of benefits has been one of the main concerns of the leaders of both New Ireland and...
submerged trials deep sea mining

Deep Sea Mining

ELAINE MASLIN on OFFSHORE ENGINEER | 1 October 2017 "Many are looking to a new resource, deep sea minerals, thanks to growth in demand from...
Solwara One

Solwara One, A Game Changer

PNG POST-COURIER | 29 September 2017 "With production set to commence in early 2019, the much debated Solwara One seafloor mining project is set to...
mining technology

PNGeans to Pioneer New Mining Technology

MICHAEL ARNOLD in PNG POST-COURIER | 28 September 2017 "With 18 months to go till the commencement of the production phase of the Solwara One...
deep-sea mineral extraction

Japan successfully undertakes large-scale deep-sea mineral extraction

THE JAPAN TIMES | 26 September 2017 "Japan has successfully tapped into a deposit of deep-sea mineral resources from a deep-water seabed off the coast...
Mining New Zealand

Balancing the Ethics of Mining New Zealand

MOLLY LEMPRIERE on MINING-TECHNOLOGY.COM | 18 September 2017 "A similar sentiment was felt following the recent approval for deep-sea iron sands mining by the New...


New Book on Deep Sea Mining

A new book from Springer offers one of the most comprehensive looks at deep sea mining to date.  Edited by Dr. Rahul Sharma of...
“I am confident that this book will serve as an important source of reference for future generations on this topic.” Michael W. Lodge Secretary-General, International Seabed Authority

Science Briefs

New study challenges prevailing theory about how deep-sea vents are colonized

KIM FULTON-BENNETT for MBARI | 24 July 2017 An article just published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B describes two remarkably different hydrothermal...
“Just like human cities, the community that forms in a particular area depends not only on who arrives at that location, but also whether the underlying resources are suitable for their success," - Shana Goffredi