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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Deep Sea Mining

Nautilus Minerals Commence PNG Submerged Trials

At the recent Annual General Meeting of Nautilus Minerals Inc., Chairman Russell Debney, announced to gathered shareholders in Toronto that submerged trials for their...


Why the First Complete Map of the Ocean Floor is Stirring...

KYLE FRISCHKORN on SMITHSONIAN.COM | 13 July 2017 "In June, an international team of oceanographers launched the first effort to create a comprehensive map of all...
“Seabed minerals and areas beyond national jurisdiction are part of the Common Heritage of Mankind,” says Kristina Gjerde

Policy Spotlight

The Rising Profile of ISA Financial Regulations

The development of Financial Regulations to address the benefit sharing aspects of the Mining Code has recently moved to the forefront of ISA business. ...
The Authority shall provide for the equitable sharing of financial and other economic benefits derived from activities in the Area

Industry Releases


Upcoming Events

  1. Anchorage

    Oceans ’17 MTS/IEEE Anchorage

    September 18 - September 21
  2. underwater mining conference

    46th Underwater Mining Conference

    September 24 - September 29
  3. Data Entry Assisstant

    ISA Workshop on the Design of Impact Reference Zones and Preservation Reference Zones in the Area

    September 27 - September 29
  4. Our Ocean 2017

    Our Ocean 2017

    October 5 - October 6
  5. 2nd JPI Oceans Conference

    2nd JPI Oceans Conference

    October 26
Mining New Zealand

Balancing the Ethics of Mining New Zealand

MOLLY LEMPRIERE on MINING-TECHNOLOGY.COM | 18 September 2017 "A similar sentiment was felt following the recent approval for deep-sea iron sands mining by the New...
Howard Hughes

New book: How Howard Hughes helped the CIA steal a Russian sub

GEORGE PETRAS on USA TODAY | 18 September 2017 "As you can guess from the spoiler-alert title of The Taking of K-129: How the CIA...

Norway rumble over ‘Barents tax exemption’

REUTERS on UPSTREAM | 6 September 2017 "Green groups have slammed reported plans by the Norwegian government to make taxpayers rather than oil companies pay...
deep ocean

Seabed Mining: The 30 People Who Could Decide the Fate of the Deep Ocean

TODD WOODY on OCEANS DEEPLY | 6 September 2017 "KINGSTON, Jamaica – At the International Seabed Authority’s ocean-side headquarters, delegates from dozens of countries stroll...
Ocean Biodiversity

Study: Deep Ignorance of the Deep Sea Threatens Ocean Biodiversity

MATTHEW O. BERGER on OCEANS DEEPLY | 29 August 2017 "The largest ecosystem on Earth – the deep sea – is one of the least...

Advancing technology signals imminent opening of undersea mineral treasure chest

HENRY LAZENBY on MINING WEEKLY | 29 August 2017 "In a new era of ever-advancing technology and increased legal certainty, ocean floor mining is set...

China Minmetals flags off deep-sea mining voyage

REUTERS | 29 August 2017 "BEIJING (Reuters) - China Minmetals Corp has flagged off its maiden deep-sea venture seeking minerals in the east Pacific...
seabed authority work

Seabed Authority work to be reviewed at 23rd session

SYRANNO BAINES in JAMAICA GLEANER | 12 August 2017 "For the first time in its history, provision has been made for a review of the work...
seabed mining approved

Seabed mining approved in New Zealand despite environmentalists’ concerns

VALENTINA RUIZ LEOTAUD on MINING.COM | 11 August 2017 "New Zealand’s Environmental Protection Authority approved Trans-Tasman Resources’ application to mine iron sands from the seabed...


New Book on Deep Sea Mining

A new book from Springer offers one of the most comprehensive looks at deep sea mining to date.  Edited by Dr. Rahul Sharma of...
“I am confident that this book will serve as an important source of reference for future generations on this topic.” Michael W. Lodge Secretary-General, International Seabed Authority

Science Briefs

New study challenges prevailing theory about how deep-sea vents are colonized

KIM FULTON-BENNETT for MBARI | 24 July 2017 An article just published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B describes two remarkably different hydrothermal...
“Just like human cities, the community that forms in a particular area depends not only on who arrives at that location, but also whether the underlying resources are suitable for their success," - Shana Goffredi